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@6:00 AM

Prayer Breakfast

@6:00 AM

At Carnie's house.

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@12:15 PM

5th Sunday Meal

@12:15 PM


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@10:30 AM

Sunday Morning Service

@10:30 AM

You are invited to 5th Sunday at Arthur Christian Church on June 30th 2019 at 10:30 AM. There will be special music from [TBA] and a meal following service.

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@7:00 PM

Christian Men's Fellowship

@7:00 PM

Christian Men's Fellowship meets on the 3rd Thursday of every month at 7 p.m. The men rotate turns cooking a hot meal for the group as part of their fellowship. After the meal, there is a devotion and meeting. The men discuss and plan ways they can go above and beyond helping the church with building projects and other special needs. Our doors are open to everyone. You don’t have to be a member to attend. Come join this strong group of believers.

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@7:00 PM

Christian Women's Fellowship

@7:00 PM

Christian Women's Fellowship meets the 3rd Monday of every month at 7 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall. All ladies are invited to join and become part of the group. The ladies take turns serving refreshments after every meeting, which makes for wonderful fellowship. CWF works to aid the church in reaching out to the members of the church by sponsoring youth for summer camps, putting flowers in the church for special occasions, making fruit baskets for shut-ins, etc. Come join us for the next meeting and see how all the "behind the scenes" action takes place. This is a fantastic way to "serve the Lord with gladness!"

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Biblical Leadership

Genesis 1: Creation account.

Genesis 2: Specific understanding of the creation of man and woman.

Genesis 3: Sin enters the world.

Genesis 6:1-8

  • Sons of God taking daughters of men.
  • They had children.
  • God was grieved.
  • God passed judgement.

Worldview = __________________________

  • Where did we come from and why am I here?
  • What is wrong with the world?
  • How can we fit it?

Our worldview determines what is reality and dictates how we learn.

Luke 6:40

Matthew 11:28-30

Many believers understand who Jesus Christ is and what He came to do and are even willing to state they believe in Him and His power.  However, we struggle to learn a new way of living or thinking.  We struggle to learn to reset our worldview and learn from Jesus' view and direction.

Matthew 28:19-20

John 10:10

1 John 5:12

Colossians 2:2-3

Colossians 1:13

Men God has made you and ordered you to be the Spiritual leaders of your home and the church.

  • Genesis 2
  • Ephesians 5
  • Timothy
  • Titus

Genesis 6:17-18: Noah led his family with Biblical (Spiritual) leadership.  Because of this, his wife, sons, and generations to follow were saved.

Men, how are you leading your family?

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Prayer Breakfast resumes July 11th

Prayer Breakfasts at Carnie's house resumes July 11th at 6AM.

See uploading Prayer Breakfast dates.

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Adult Mountain Retreat

Come join your brothers and sisters in Christ as we get away from the normal daily activities and head to the beautiful mountains of North Carolina.  We will have a time of rest, inspiration from God's Word, and corporate prayer.  In addition, there will be a time of site seeing, resting, and shopping.

  • Thursday, August 1st: Leave church at 8:00 AM.
  • Saturday, August 3rd: Return to church at 6:00 PM.


Prices include two nights lodging, 2 breakfasts, and one dinner.

  • Doubles: $502.00 ($251.00 per person)
  • Single: $385.00
  • Come early and stay Wednesday night: +$175.00

Sign up in the foyer before April 28th.

Payments due by July 1st.  Make checks payable to Arthur Christian Church, memo line: Adult Retreat.

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June Food Pantry Item

The food pantry item for June is [item here].

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1209 Breakfast Ministry

Next time serving it June 29th from 8AM to 10AM.

Signup in the foyer.

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@8:00 AM

1209 Breakfast Ministry

@8:00 AM

Next time serving it June 22nd from 8AM to 10AM.

Signup in the foyer.

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From Greenville/Washington

Take exit 71 for Mozingo Rd

Turn left onto Mozingo Rd

Turn right onto Stantonsburg Rd

Turn left onto Bell Arthur Rd

Turn left onto Fire House Rd

Destination will be on the right

From Farmville/Fountion/Wilson

Head southeast on US-258 S/US-264 E

Take exit 66 for Wesley Church Rd

Turn left onto Wesley Church Rd 

Continue to follow Wesley Church Rd

Turn right onto Stantonsburg Rd

Turn right onto Bell Arthur Rd

Turn left onto Fire House Rd

Destination will be on the right

GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 35.59134, Longitude: -77.51208

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New Website!

This is a new website.

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