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Announcment Slides


  • [Original] ACC Announcment Viewer - Auto creates announcemnt/countdown video to play before church.
  • Convertio - Convers MP4 files to OGV files for use in ACC Announcment Viewer.
  • Always on Top - Keeps pre church announcment program on top of Song Show.

  • [Original] Auto background maker/fixer - Use to convert images in to properly size backgrounds that are dark enough to be used with white text.
  • [Original] Timecode Generator - Use to mark timecodes in church recording to add lower thirds to.
  • [Original] iPad/Online Teleprompter - Use an internet connected device as a teleprompter.
  • [Original] Greenscreen Best Practices - Send this link to people before they record greenscreen videos so they know what not to wear.
  • Soundboard (Zhorn Software) -easly play sound effects using the computer.
  • Media/DVD

  • Do Not Duplicate (DVD Title)
  • Web Video Title (WEB Title)
  • Blank DVD Label (PNG)
  • Blank DVD Label (PSD)
  • Blank Paper DVD Label (BMP)
  • Blank Paper DVD Label (PSD)
  • USA Flag (2016-07-03 Icon)
  • Little country church Cedar Valley near Winona, MN (What is Church Icon)
  • "Cross" (3).jpg (2015-11-01 Icon)
  • Youtube Images

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